UNversity 2013

Hi guys. This blog was created for UNversity 2013, hosted by Daniel Livingstone. It’s basically a ‘do something useful over the summer’ type thing. Some people work on a project, other learn a skill from a book.

Me, I’m going to make a top down shooting using C++ and OpenGL. My goal is to make something more complex that my 2D graphics assessment, yet still carrying on from where we’ve left off. The aim is to have something with translating objects (to simulate screen moving) slightly more complex collisions that a box, basic enemy AI, and a few other less programming features like switching weapons.

Also, I’m going to read about Software Design Patterns and learn some Java (since most software design patterns seem to be written in Java).

Hopefully, I’l become a much better programming by the end of summer and be ready for the second year of university!


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