Getting There…

So far, my OpenGL C++ Top Down Shooter is coming along nicely. Some of the coding isn’t as OO as I’d like (due to my limited C++ knowledge) but I have managed to make a small demo, which I am going to continue to expand upon.

Basically, since my last post, I’ve polished everything fairly heavily. In 2D Graphics programming, one of the comments for my Lunar Lander game was the overly-complicated collision detection code, which I’ve managed to heavily update for this game. The collision detection is now one function call,, instead of 8 lines of coding and one function call, and there are separate functions which can test the direction of a collision as well.

I’ve also made everything a lot more OO, though it is still not completely (or as much as I would like) but I’ll keep going.

I’ve also added 3 enemy types; one is small, one larger (practically identical in AI to the smaller enemy) and one who shoots the player. The shooting-enemy is identical to the small one, except he moves slower and shoots the player. He can only fire one bullet at a time currently, and I may update this (though it actually works better than I expected with only one bullet).

I’ve also added health to the player and enemy. And I’ve updated my ‘test an object’s existence’ coding, which was unnecessarily confusing before.

I’ve added a couple of screenshots from the game right now. The graphics are fairly simple right now, but they will be updated further into development. I also plan on updating this blog more often, since I’ve been neglecting it recently and I am working on the game practically everyday so I always have stuff to say.

screenshot1 screenshot2

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