Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hi, sorry for the lack of updates this month (though don’t let that make you think I haven’t been working).

I’ve updated A LOT of my code (again) and created a lot more files which makes everything look a lot nicer and is much easier to edit now.

I’ve also updated my collision detection code which can now test between a square-and-square object, circle and circle or square and circle.

Graphics (also done by me) have been added, which you can see in the screenshot below. I put in a Laser-Rifle weapon, which works very similar to the normal Rifle except the bullets keep going after hitting an enemy (they are destroyed when they hit a wall). I still need to do ammo for the guns, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

Two new features I have done as well are; Saws (which kill the player or enemy on contact) and a Lock and Key system; the player collects the key and any lock-blocks are instantly destroyed.

I still have one more feature I’d like to add (more on that in my next post), then I’ll add a few basic levels to test out the features (and my own level-designing skills). I’ve already tested my coding with multiple levels and it works, so it’s just a case of designing and implementing them.

Here’s a quick screenshot of what I have so far (the graphics are still a bit rough in some areas)…

UNversity TDS