Monthly Archives: August 2013

Okay, so I’ve nearly finished my project for UNversity. I’ve (finally) came up with a title for my TDS, ‘Machines’.

I’ve also added some new features (and updated some old ones):

  • Right click to deploy a turret which targets enemies (or bullseyes).
  • 4 Enemy types (normal, brute, human and ghost)
  • 5 Weapons (pistol, rifle, machine gun, shotgun, laser-rifle)
  • 2 Traps (lasers that turn on-and-off, saws)
  • Destructible blocks
  • Bullseye targets which you shoot and they open locked doors
  • Messages that appear whenever you collect a ‘note’.

On top of this I’ve designed 4 levels which test all the features as thoroughly (and shortly) as I could manage. Right now I just need to add some finishing touches, tidy up a few things and it’ll be done.

screenshot1 screenshot2